51-Fifty Revolution

Another Sunday

Even though I am a fitness professional I like everyone else have those days where I feel like I need to start fresh… funny how those moments typically land on a Sunday and Monday’s the beginning of the week means there is no excuse let the change to a new me begin! My plan is to go into work early with my fiance’ and get my cardio in before I have my first class at 8:30. I need to get in the kitchen and pack my cooler so I don’t have any excuses to make the right food choices. I have a break at 1pm and what a perfect time!… my finance’ has a group class at that time… great way to spend time with him and get in my strength training for the day.

I wanted to begin this blog to be an encouraging asset to those who feel they have too much going on in their life that they don’t have time, motivation, or accountability to be who they really want to be. My goal is to prove that even those who appear to be the “fittest” on the outside (fitness professionals such as myself) have insecurities, have a hard time “finding the time” the “motivation” and “accountability”. As we grow I hope you will join me via skype for a great one on one style workout for those who struggle to find the three things everyone needs help and encouragement with. Time, Motivation and Accountability.

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