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Another day one passes by

Today I vowed to find time for me. What does that mean exactly? Well, I want to be thinner, I want to have more energy, I want to have mental clarity. This is how it all started…..

I woke up early, made a healthy breakfast and did some fun cardio.. most people would say… cardio, fun?? yeah it was fun… I have exercised enduced asthma so not only does my body mentally talk me out of your typical “run” but it physically dislikes cardio. The key is finding something that you think is fun! This morning I did medicine ball slams, rope slams, and pushed the prowler… all 5 x’s, a minuet each with 15 seconds to get to each station. Three years ago when I started this style of training I would have been borderline asthma attach half way through. Today I can say I could have done more, but I had to go to work. 

I guess my point is, if we have to do cardio to keep a healthy heart to help us loose weight then you should find something that is going to be fun. Maybe join a rec league… a mountain biking club or simply find a great hiking trail. There are multiple options. Oh and did you know you can get your strength training and cardio in at the same time? How great is that an all in one cardio strength session. I’ll post a video tomorrow to show you some examples.


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One thought on “Another day one passes by

  1. David on said:

    Just getting started is the battle 🙂

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