51-Fifty Revolution

So many new fads!

How do you decide which new fitness or diet fad is best for you? As a fitness instructor I find it difficult to weigh out the good from the bad. Obviously we hope to choose the life changing, mentally challenging, nutrition and fitness programs that will become apart of our life routines. So where do you begin?

In all honestly I don’t have all the answers just because I am in the profession. I only know what has worked best for me and what anatomically and biologically makes sense.

My best advice would be never commit to something you don’t feel 100% about. Never over extend your wallet! And before you dive in make sure you are ready to improve your life.

My finance’ is also in the fitness profession, we met through my pilates studio. He is a functional strength coach and amazing at what he does. When I first met him I was apprehensive to try his “style” of training because I knew pilates, yoga and running was working for me. Why did I need to introduce something new? With a little extra push I tried his class. I couldn’t believe how strong I was, but at the same time I couldn’t believe how de-conditioned I was. My days that followed were not fun either…. my body was so soar! I said, “this is what it must feel like to get a Boob job!” Three years later I can say I am addicted to working out in his gym and am his biggest walking advertisement.

This should be encouragement for you to try something new. The worst thing that could happen is you hated it, but at least you walked away knowing a little more about who you are and what you like.

When it comes to food, be smart! Dr. Len Kravitz is the most knowledgeable resource I have ever come across. He makes it fun and easy to comprehend the biological break down of our body. And of course everyones favorite Dr. Oz. Lately I have been reading a lot about eating clean and to me that means going back to the basics. Think about how our ancestors grew up, on farms with home grown fruits, vegetables and farm raised animals. All of which did not have pesticides, substitutes, strange chemical additives that you can’t even pronounce. Therefore in my mind “eating clean” just makes sense.

Educating yourself is key. The more well rounded you become the more you will learn about yourself and what you want. At that point you will make the appropriate changes to better your life and YOU!

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