51-Fifty Revolution

The Benefits of Change

One of the major issues with starting a new fitness and or nutrition regimen is the get it NOW attitude. If you are reading my blog you have interest in a healthy lifestyle. Lets sit and think; how long has it taken for me to get to this point…..?? When was the last time I really felt good about myself…?? Behavior changes take time. Setting small attainable goals will help make this process a permanent lifestyle change.

Feeling like this…. But wishing for….

That…. Yeah me too! =0)

This is the lifestyle change you want to make, one that is formulated in a concrete, measurable term. Your goals should take into consideration your current and future lifestyle. If your goal isn’t something that is reasonable and realistic then it won’t be attained.

Personally my goal is to sustain a healthy and happy life. This is very generic, so what does that mean to me. I want to feel good in my own skin, to be able to look at myself clothed or naked and smile about what I see. A woman with self confidence in her own body is a woman who can walk through life happy. I feel the choices we make in our food and whether we allow time for ourselves effects our emotional state with others and the things we do.

Years ago I created a quote and think its perfect for this post….

“As things start to consume our life and thoughts it prevents us from doing what we want; this is when we loose sight of what we are going after.” By: Me!

A goal for a healthier you should be something achievable and able to maintain for a lifetime. It shouldn’t be something too strict or restraining. Most of us can do anything for a given amount of time… go to the gym every day for an hour… But very few of us can stick to a rigid routine. Let’s be realistic eventually we will choose sitting in front of the tv, or going out with friends instead of going to the gym. These “Cheat Day’s” will widdle away at our confidence causing a break in the “healthy lifestyle change.” So when considering your goals you have to decide whether you are able to accomplish your goal or not.

Take it one day at a time. Past experiences will help inform you on how to be more successful. You can comment to this post for accountability and motivation, for education on fitness, nutrition, and hopefully in the near future be able to workout along side me through video’s or skyping.. its a journey not a race.

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