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The truth behind what we eat….

As you know I work in the health profession. I am suppose to display a healthy disposition and knowledge of sorts in this area of health to help my clients with their own journey. So why am I feeling like I am spinning my wheels? 

I met a man who has found an interest in cooking because of me. I have a man who loves me and enjoys our adventures together whether that’s traveling to the mountains for a biking trip or the beach to relax catch some rays and indulge in a few beers. We have great intentions; however the follow through lacks its true sense of commitment. We are easily distracted by the “bad” day’s that are forgotten at our local pub with our favorite bartender Noel. Or those great sunny day’s when you want to sit outside on the patio with the dogs and have a cook out, some so called healthy margaritta’s turn into a few more than originally intended. 

I ask what is reasonable and realistic in my life? Why can’t I be content with a few good day’s of “healthy eating” and great workouts followed by a few days of indulgence? Frankly because I know what my body looked like over a year ago.

Its funny… I originally was going to complete that sentence with, “before I met this wonderful man in my life” but that isn’t fair to him or myself to place blame on a relationship I couldn’t imagine not having. Why is it we are swayed in directions we wouldn’t typically go because of the people we are with? I read an article in Woman’s Health earlier today that choosing who you eat with is important. Apparently we eat at the same rate as others. That we won’t finish a meal if our friend we choose to eat with doesn’t finish theirs… This is NOT true for me! I finished my plate the other morning when at brunch with a friend and she only ate half! I guess they are saying my fiance’ isn’t a good eating partner either because he eats a LOT! Is this why I can’t loose weight? Because I am eating with a man who goes for seconds…?? I don’t believe so. It is all up to me; however I do find it more effortless when my partner is on the same page. I can turn down Chinese buffet when its his request because this isn’t first on my food choices. But in reality it is hard on a Beautiful Saturday to not embark with friends and loved ones at the local pub. 

We (my fiance’ and I) were talking today about our diet, that we have good intentions,  but we become very slack once Thursday or Friday comes. So I said Paleo diet seems to work for most. I really want to get rid of these areas of cellulite that seem to be popping up in the oddest of places. The floor of Barnes and Noble was where I found myself battling back and forth between two books, one I have been following lightly for a couple months the other I question. This evening I sit on my back porch drinking a soda water reading about the Paleo diet… so far so good his story is very impactful and convincing. Why are those little voices in my head clam-mering this isn’t realistic for my lifestyle… urgh just finish the book already then make your decision! Here it goes… I’ll update you on my outcome. 

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One thought on “The truth behind what we eat….

  1. I read the Paleo Diet last year. It made sense to me but I didn’t stick to it. The recipe book was awful! I know that processed food is bad for us, filled with chemicals, I believe in eating natural. I enjoyed reading the book.

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