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Following up from my last post on my journey to better understand the Paleo diet….. It is unbelievable the science of it all how food can affect our body in a negative way. Our society is ridden with intestinal issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and a multitude of autoimmune diseases that are rising. Where were these health problems when my grandparents were growing up? Fact is these diseases were not prevalent because they worked hard, ate off our land and pesticides, preservatives, and growth hormones were not overly used in their foods. The most I got out of reading the “facts” on Paleo was…. pay attention to what you eat! If your stomach doesn’t feel well after consuming certain foods consider what it was and take it out of your diet. Why eat something that upsets your stomach? Food should satisfy you and nourish your body, not ail it. 

The Paleo diet makes a lot of sense to me; however I don’t believe it is reasonable or realistic for my lifestyle. Over the past few months I have been following the “eating clean diet” Truly this isn’t in my mind a “diet” its the way we should be eating. Fresh meats, Fruits and Vegetables… reduce the dairy to a minimum Greek yogurt, almond milk… ect and eating whole grains, and seeds for fiber. (brown rice, quinoa) 

Whenever I have coached my clients in nutrition I have always voiced how it is important to not deprive yourself of your cravings, but find healthy options instead. Don’t eat just to eat, but eat because your are hungry. Small meals throughout the day are better because it reduces those binge eating moments. Binge eating swallows you with not being satisfied and trying to reach satisfaction with a multitude of foods finding yourself feeling guilty at the end. As difficult as this may seem, 6 small meals a day is ideal for your nutritional needs, weight loss and prevention of unnecessary cravings. 


I have chosen to eat clean. Reading labels for bad things such as msg, corn syrup, high sugar, in all honesty eating simple.. fresh veggies, fruit, meats… preparing my foods for the following day makes my life so much easier. Takes the guessing out. I looked at a few cook books last night to figure out what sounded good to cook for dinner, my left overs will be lunch.. I only shop for two day’s it saves money and prevents me from throwing things out. If you over think it then it will be too difficult.. make sure you consider your work hours, your invitations to go out, whether you are working late.. plan and think a head one day and start from there.

Eat smart, Eat healthy, Eat for your healthiest self!


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