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Short Term Goals

Six years ago I finally completed my college degree. I had a few certifications in trades that could have made my life successful, however I had a goal to get my bachelors degree in Health Care Management. The day my diploma was in my hands was by far the greatest moment when I achieved something. That strong feeling of accomplishment was the most rewarding experience I could have given myself. To complete something and know how much it took to get there, to know the barriers you had to over come and to realize how much you have become a better person because of it.

What goal have you achieved? How did it make you feel?

Last week I wrote about setting long term goals. In order to attain that goal it is best to set short term goals. Short term goals are just small steps beyond your current behavior.

Keep in mind the following when setting short term goals:

  • Current health behavior
  • Long Term Goal
  • Your personality
  • Specific schedule/obligations in the upcoming weeks
  • Short term goals are behaviorally expressed
  • Specify when the short term goal will take place
  • Identify obstacles and strategies for your short term goal.
  • After you’ve set your short term goal, re-evaluate its feasibility

When you are setting goals it is important to be realistic you don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment. It should be something easily attainable. For example… I don’t get enough vegetables in my diet, therefore this week I am going to be sure to eat vegetables for dinner on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Notice I am VERY specific this way you won’t be at the end of your week realizing that you haven’t achieved your goal and there are two day’s left. If this goal was easy for you then do it again the following before you know it this goal is now a routine and you can add either additional day’s and or meals to add vegetables or add a completely different goal.

We also have to keep in mind there will be possible barriers that may come up. Contemplating possible obstacles will help you stay on track, figure out the best means to making sure you will stick to your goal. Don’t let things frustrate you, it shouldn’t be that complicated. When it becomes to difficult then you may have chosen the wrong goal for you.

Now that you have your goals set do you have a way to keep track of them? Get a journal you can record your behaviors in. Understanding your behaviors from the start will help you work through your progress, your obstacles and your life’s outcomes.

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